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rating mature

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Premium Starter Pack dlc

You need the Base Game to play this DLC.

Carve your own path to glory with the Starter Pack, which includes weapons, longship cosmetics and Helix Credits.

General information

Release date:
Carve your own path to glory with the Premium Starter Pack, which includes an exclusive set of Mythical weapons and longship cosmetics, plus 2,300 Helix Credits that can be used to unlock new gear, we
apons, tattoo sets, mounts, and more. Includes in-game currency and exclusive content: - 2,300 Helix Credits - Iron Wolf Ship Pack - Kraken Heavy Shield - Royal Sword - Dokkalfar Bow - Tusk Axe
Rating :
rating mature
PC conditions:
You need a Ubisoft account and install the Ubisoft Connect application to play this content.
Anti-Cheat software:
BattlEye anti-cheat software automatically installed with this game, you will not be able to launch the game if you have uninstalled it.
General information