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Ghost Recon Wildlands Standard Edition - PC (Digital)

Experience total freedom of choice in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the ultimate military shooter set in a massive open world setting.


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    12 Classes to discover

    • Marksman

    • Assault

    • Support

    • Sniper

      Armor piercer

      The Sniper's high powered rifle can it its target through any kind of cover.

      Special ability

      Has access to semi-auto high-powered rifles that have the biggest damage output out of all Marksman classes. The ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.

    • Ranger

      Jack of all trades

      The Ranger's loadout allows to handle both long and medium range combat situations.

      Special ability

      Has access to both a Sniper Rifle and a Compact Machine Gun. Ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.

    • Enforcer

      Fire support

      The Enforcer is essential to teammates, providing useful cover fire which debilitates enemies.

      Special ability

      The Enforcer inflicts a much stronger, ADVANCED SUPPRESSION, on enemies. It dazes enemies, making them unable to aim down sights and also slows them down. The ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.

    • Sentinel

      Advanced recon

      A scouting focused marksman, the Sentinel is the bane of flanking enemies.

      Special ability

      Select an area to be TRACKED. The first enemy to walk inside the TRACKED area is MARKED. The area will be tracked until triggered, or a new area is selected.

    • Assassin

      Guerilla warfare

      Mobile and stealthy, the Assassin is an expert in flanking and dispatching enemies with silenced weapons.

      Special ability

      CANNOT BE MARKED if farther away than 50m.

    • Tech

      Transmission denied

      Using his Jammer, the Tech can deny the enemy access to evaluate intel.

      Special ability

      Places a Jammer which disables any drones or Intel Antenna in its range. Only one Jammer can be placed at a time. The Jammer can be destroyed.

    • Pointman

      Focus under fire

      A highly experienced soldier, the Pointman cannot be disrupted in any way.

      Special ability

      IMMUNE to SUPPRESSION and FLASHBANG grenades. The ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.

    • Tank

      Armored defender

      The Tank diverts attention away from teammates by drawing enemy fire and using thick armor to survive the attack.

      Special ability

      Instantly REMOVES all active MARKS on TEAMMATES, makes all teammates IMMUNE TO MARKING and BECOMES MARKED. Lasts set amount of time.

    • Scout

      Eye in the sky

      The Scout's surveillance skills are unmatched, being able to detect enemy movement in the field.

      Special ability

      The Scout Drone will detect enemy movement within its viewfinder and display their LAST KNOWN POSITION. The ability works within a LIMITED RANGE, is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.

    • Artillery

      Heavy ordnance

      Artillery uses mortar to create chaos and draw enemies out of hiding.

      Special ability

      The Mortar Drone can call in a powerful mortar strike at a targeted area.

    • Diversionist

      Military deception

      Using his extensive knowledge in deception and shock tactics, the Diversionist is able to distract or even scare the enemy.

      Special ability

      The Noisemaker Drone emits a gunshot sound, indistinguishable from an enemy shooting intel. The stealth drone operates undetected while not too close to enemies, but cannot mark.

    • Medic

      Combat rescue

      The Medic specializes in rescuing teammates in any environment, from any position.

      Special ability

      The Medic Drone is able to revive a selected teammate within a limited range. The drone's SELECTION CIRCLE snaps between downed teammates. The drone will revive the selected player.


    8 maps to discover

    • Mountain Village

      Province - Flor de Oro
    • Deforestation

      Province - Flor de Oro
    • Desert outpost

      Province - Koani
    • Lumber mill

      Province - Flor de Oro
    • Coca farm

      Province - Flor de Oro
    • Pilgrim retreat

      Province - Espiritu Santo
    • Quarry

      Province - Barvechos
    • Dust town

      Province - Flor de Oro
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  • Summary

    Summary for Ghost Recon Wildlands - PC (Digital)


    The Ghosts, an elite US Special Forces team, are sent behind enemy lines to wreak havoc, destabilize, and eventually break the alliance between the cartel and the corrupted government.
    Facing an almighty enemy in a massive and hostile environment, the Ghosts will need to make critical moral choices and engage in tough battles to complete their mission – their grittiest and most dangerous operation to date.


    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the very first military shooter in a massive, dangerous, and responsive open world that you can play entirely solo or in four-player co-op.


    From the infamous Death Road to the world’s largest salt flat, journey through Ubisoft’s largest open world action-adventure game to date. Discover massive regions inspired by Bolivia and South America, their stunning vistas and incredible diversity. Explore the hundreds of villages, landmarks, and legends populating this country in one of the many available vehicles, both on and off road, in the air, on land, and at sea. Immerse yourself in Bolivian culture as you cross paths with inhabitants reacting to their own agendas and to the game’s day-night cycle and weather system.


    Lead a team of four Ghosts, the absolute best of the US military. Play either solo or with up to three of your friends online in this gritty adventure as they seamlessly join you at any point in the game. Engage all your military missions in whatever order and manner suits you: stealth, distraction, and tactical or frontal assault always remain possible. Use the new iconic drones to recon the toughest terrains and to tag enemy outposts, or transform them into destructive weapons. Make difficult but critical choices: sabotage, interrogation, kidnapping, and assassination are but a few of the options available for you to reach your objectives. Upgrade and fully customize your Ghost with the experience and loot you gather on the battleground.


    Interact with different factions in the game: gather intel from the Santa Blanca cartel, bribe the aggressive Unidad military force, benefit from the local rebels’ resources, or protect the native population. Start inter-faction battles to cause distractions and help you reach your objectives. The world will react differently to each of your choices: unexpected opportunities and threats could arise from any situation, turning into long-lasting and dire consequences. Manipulate the system. Manipulate the unexpected.


    Taking out the Santa Blanca Cartel becomes an even richer experience with Tobii Eye Tracking. Features like Extended View, Aim at Gaze and Communications Wheel let you use your natural eye movement to interact with the environment – without interrupting or modifying your traditional controls. Now armed with an extensive eye tracking feature set, team communication becomes more seamless, firefights become more intense and exploring your new surroundings becomes an even more immersive adventure.

    Compatible Eye Tracking Devices: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, Alienware 17 Notebook, Acer Predator Notebook 21 X, MSI GT72 Notebook, Acer Predator Monitors Z301CT, Z271T, XB271HUT

    © 2016 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Tom Clancy’s, Ghost Recon, the Soldier Icon, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.

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    • Requirements: You will need to install the Ubisoft Connect for PC application in order to run this content.
    • Release date: 07/03/2017
    • Type: Third-person shooter
    • Publisher: Ubisoft
    • Developer: Ubisoft
    • Language:
      Interface Audio Subtitle
      Spanish - Spain
      Spanish - Latin America
      Portuguese - Brazil
      Simplified Chinese
      Traditional Chinese
  • System Requirements

    System requirements for Ghost Recon Wildlands - PC (Digital)


    OS: Windows® 7 SP1, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (64bit versions only)
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2400S @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-4320 @ 4 GHz
    RAM: 6 GB memory/ HARD DISK: 50GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 / AMD R9 270X (2GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better)
    Sound Card: DirectX-compatible using the latest drivers

    NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 660 or better, GeForce GTX 700 series, GTX 900 series, GTX 1000 series
    AMD Radeon: R9 270 or better, Radeon R9 300/R9 Fury/RX 400 series. Laptop versions of these cards may work but are NOT officially supported.
    These chipsets are the only ones that will run this game. Additional chipsets may be supported after release. For an up-to-date list of supported chipsets, please visit the FAQ for this game on our website:


    OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
    Processor: Intel Core i7- 3770@ 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4 GHz or better
    RAM: 8 GB memory / HARD DISK: 50GB storage
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970/GTX 1060 or AMD R9 390/RX480 (4GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better)
    Sound Card: DirectX-compatible using the latest drivers

    Game contains EasyAntiCheat anti-cheat technology and Denuvo anti-tamper technology.

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