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Far Cry 6 - Starter Pack dlc

  • PC (Digital)

Take what you can and give nothing back with this back including the Buccaneer Bundle + 2,300 Far Cry 6 Credits.


General information

Release date:
Take what you can and give nothing back in this swashbuckling bundle featuring a pirate outfit, unique firearm, and more Includes:  Swashbuckler's Tricorne (Head Gear) Swashbuckler's D
oublet (Chest Gear) Swashbuckler's Breeches (Leg Gear) Swashbuckler's Boots (Foot Gear) Swashbuckler's Charm (Wrist Gear) Jackdaw (Weapon) Cursed Lantern (Charm) Beakaneer (Mirror Prop) 2,300 Far Cry Credits
PC (Digital)
PC conditions:
You need a Ubisoft account and install the Ubisoft Connect application to play this content.
Anti-Cheat software:
BattlEye anti-cheat software automatically installed with this game, you will not be able to launch the game if you have uninstalled it.
General information