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Assassin’s Creed Mirage Master Assassin Pack dlc

You need the Base Game to play this DLC.

"Out of the dark, you will come into the light.” These words resonate strongly with the aesthetic of these iconic Assassin robes. This pack contains four costumes.


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Elevate your look with these iconic Assassin robes: Dhahabi Initiate of Alamut Costume: This refined version of the Initiate of Alamut outfit draws the eye through the beauty of its embroideries
. Dhahabi Master Assassin Costume: This elegant Master Assassin robe is meant to stand out among others. Only the most brash and brazen fighter could pull off wearing this in public. Roshan Dhahabi Costume: This magnificent ceremonial robe was donned by Master Roshan on rare occasions. The color of the thread used in the fabric is an homage to the dunes surrounding the city of Baghdad. Rayhan Dhahabi Costume: This elegant robe belonged to Master Rayhan. The aesthetic brings to mind childhood tales of bright stars fighting against the dark sky of the night.
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