Frequently asked questions

  • What is Ubisoft+ Premium?

    Ubisoft+ Premium is a gaming subscription service that offers access to Ubisoft’s growing catalog of 100+ games on PC, including new releases. It includes additional content, such as expansions and season passes. You can also enjoy your subscription on your Xbox console with the Ubisoft+ Premium offer.

  • What games and in-game content will I have access to with the Ubisoft+ Premium subscription?

    Subscribing to Ubisoft+ will give you access to Ubisoft’s growing catalog of 100+ games on PC, including new releases. It includes additional content, such as expansions and season passes. Ubisoft+ also includes indie games that are available for a limited time on PC. The Ubisoft+ Premium offer allows you to play on consoles. Check out the list of game compatibility here.

  • What is Ubisoft+ Classics?

    The Ubisoft+ Classics for PC includes a selection of iconic games on Ubisoft Connect in their standard editions.

    Ubisoft+ Classics is also available on PlayStation consoles. 

    You can subscribe it directly on the PlayStation store or as part of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions. 

  • Which offer includes Xbox access?

    The Ubisoft+ Premium plan gives you access to a catalog of Ubisoft games directly on your Xbox console.

  • What happens if I unsubscribe?

    If you unsubscribe, the games will become unavailable unless you already own them, buy them, or subscribe to Ubisoft+ again in the future. You will keep access to every purchase you make (whether you bought a game on the store or items in-game) even if you unsubscribe. At the end of your subscription, some of your game saves may be affected, see the list of concerned games in this article.

  • How can I cancel my Ubisoft+ subscription?

    You can cancel at any time in your account settings. Your subscription will remain active until the very last day of the current month or year you paid for. After this, the subscription will be cancelled and will not renew itself.

  • Will my save files be affected if I decide to unsubscribe or change my game version?

    Once your Ubisoft+ subscription ends, your game will may revert to another version, which may impact your previous saves. See the list of concerned games in this article.

  • What is cross-progression?

    Cross-progression allows any player-related progress to be shared between multiple platforms or multiple devices. With the Ubisoft+ Premium offer, you can start playing on your console, then hop over to your laptop and continue playing where you left off. 

    Please see the dedicated article for more details on cross-progression.

  • What is cloud gaming?

    Cloud gaming allows you to stream games to the supported devices you own (phone, tablet, TV...) with a high-speed internet connection.

    Cloud gaming brings you flexibility in how you play without worrying about system requirements.

    For more details, see the dedicated page.

*One discounted year on Ubisoft+ Classics or Ubisoft+ Premium per Ubisoft Account. For new and former subscribers only. Offer available from June 6, 1PM UTC until July 11, 1PM UTC. At the end of the discounted year, Ubisoft+ will automatically renew and the payment method provided at checkout will be charged the amount shown above each year until you cancel. You must provide a valid credit or debit card. Additional terms and conditions apply, including age and territorial restrictions. This is a promotional offer and is subject to change. It can be removed at any time and without notice at Ubisoft’s sole discretion. Void where prohibited.