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Tom Clancy’s The Division® Expansion III: Last Stand dlc

You need the Base Game to play this DLC.

In Expansion III: Last Stand, experience the Dark Zone in a new way, through a new game mode with up to 16 players. Join forces to capture and hold tactical locations. Experience a new Incursion “Stolen Signal”, get new gear, weap... read more


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Please note this content is included in the season pass. Description When the situation in the Dark Zone spiraled out of control, the Joint Task Force had no choice but to withdraw from the area
. In the chaos of the withdrawal, they left behind important SHD tech data and operational information in the form of tactical terminals. Now, rogue agents are closing in on those data relays. If they get their hands on that data, the Division’s mission to take back New York will be dramatically compromised. It’s your job, together with a team of seven other Division agents, to stop that from happening. Rogue agents are not the only threat. Rikers are holding civilians hostage at the Channel 93 TV studio. We have unconfirmed reports that they’re staging macabre parodies of Channel 93’s most popular shows, using the hostages as “contestants.” You must save the hostages before it’s too late. Features LAST STAND GAME MODE The Last Stand game mode offers a new way to experience the Dark Zone, in a session-based, eight-versus-eight adversarial mode without the Rogue mechanic. There are four instanced maps on which both teams fight over the control of tactical terminals. The first team to have transferred enough information from the terminals to decrypt the data wins the match. In Last Stand, the other team is not the only threat: enemy groups are roaming at different locations of the map, and agents will need to find the best strategy to take advantage of them and turn the battle in their favor. 8 VERSUS 8 Each side of a Last Stand match is made up of eight players, divided into two teams of four. You must be at least level 30 to play Last Stand. FORTIFY YOUR POSITION Killing enemies rewards your team with SHD tech, a team resource that you can use to unlock fortifications left behind by the JTF and first-wave Division agents. Activate automatic turrets to help you defend the perimeter and use a large pulse to detect incoming enemies. ENHANCE YOUR TEAM Tactical boost stations come online after set milestones during a match. Use SHD tech to unlock different team bonuses, such as faster data upload speed or additional points, when taking down enemies. A station can only be activated by one team at a time, so make sure to defend it properly. CLAIM YOUR REWARDS You’ll earn Last Stand ranks as you play, up to a maximum of 40. Each new rank rewards you with a sealed cache, and you’ll unlock exclusive vanity items throughout your progression. Last Stand comes with two full, unique vanity sets and two sets of weapon skins. Even after you hit maximum rank, you’ll keep earning Last Stand experience and getting new caches. You can also earn extra rewards every time your team wins, based on your contribution. STOLEN SIGNAL INCURSION In our world, information is a matter of life or death. Captain Benitez has sent communications experts to investigate the Channel 93 TV studio. Getting the tower back online will help to keep the population of New York informed of dangerous new developments across Manhattan. Rikers have raided the studio, locked the doors, and are holding civilians and JTF officers hostage. Unconfirmed reports suggest that they’re staging macabre parodies of Channel 93’s most popular shows using the hostages as contestants. Team up with three other agents and find the best strategy to clear all four wings of this incursion. Objectives and settings will vary in each wing, so cooperation will be the key to your success.
PC conditions:
You need a Ubisoft account and install the Ubisoft Connect application to play this content.
Anti-Cheat software:
BattlEye anti-cheat software automatically installed with this game, you will not be able to launch the game if you have uninstalled it.
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