Ubisoft Store
Refund Policy

When purchasing on the Ubisoft Store we understand that there are times where you may wish to request a refund. Details of our refund policy can be found below!

Please note that this refund policy does not override any statutory rights for refund, including your legal right to ask for a refund in the event of a faulty product or product not conforming with the description. For more information, please consult our Terms of Sale.

Products and services displayed in the refund policy may not be available in your country (e.g. Ubisoft Wallet, physical products). Please check availability on your Ubisoft Store.

Digital Content

Refunds For Ubisoft Connect PC Games

You can request a refund for a Ubisoft Connect game within 14 days of your purchase and with less than two hours of playtime. Please note that restrictions may apply.

Refunds For DLC and Season Pass

Content that is automatically available in a game after purchase (including DLC and Season Passes) is not refundable once the purchase is made.

Refunds For Virtual Currency

Virtual currency packs become automatically available in the game after purchase. Please note that this content is not refundable after purchase.

Refunds For Digital Console Keys

Digital console keys are immediately delivered to you after purchase and therefore are non-refundable.

Refunds For Wallet Fund

Once you have added funds to your Ubisoft Wallet, you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase if you have not started using these funds. Partial refunds of Wallet funds are not possible.

Refunds For Digital Gift Cards

You can request a refund for a Digital Gift Card within 14 days of your purchase if the Gift Card has not been redeemed on any Ubisoft Wallet

How to Request a Refund

To request a refund, you have several options:

  1. Use our automatic refund request tool via your Account Management Page
    • Sign in to your Ubisoft account on the Ubisoft Store website if you have not done so yet.
    • Hover over your profile picture in the top right of the screen and select My orders.
    • Locate the order you want to refund and select View order details.
    • Choose Request a Refund.
      Use the drop down menu to let us know why you wish to refund your product.
      Once you have done this, the Continue button will activate.
    • Select Continue.
    • In the How would you like to be refunded? tab, select your preferred payment method and Confirm your request.

    After you complete your request, you will receive a confirmation message. Your refund request will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that the time it takes for the refund to reach your account depends on the chosen payment method.

    If you experience any issues during this process, reach out to our team for further support here.

    Please note that some products are not eligible for the automatic refund request process.

  2. Fill in the withdrawal form available here
  3. Contact our Support Team

Refunds For Renewable Subscriptions

If you are based in the European Union or in the UK you can withdraw from your subscription within 14 days after the confirmation of your order. You will lose access to your subscription immediately and obtain a partial refund based on the days you kept your subscription before using your withdrawal right. For more information, read our FAQ.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at anytime Ubisoft+ and the cancellation will be effective at the end of the billing cycle in which you cancel.

Other Refunds:

Refunds For Pre-Purchased Titles (Pre-orders)

When you pre-purchase a title on the Ubisoft Store, you can request a refund at any time before the release of that title. The standard 14-day/2-hour refund period also applies, starting on the game’s release date. In both cases, you can follow the “How to request a refund process” above to submit your refund request.

*Please note that for physical pre-purchases, you can cancel your order up to 30 days before the official release date. After this period, we might not be able to cancel your pre-order as we have started preparing the shipping. In such case, you can always request a refund after the delivery of the product within the 14-day/2-hour refund period.

Refund For purchases made with Non-Refundable Payment Methods

Products purchased using non-refundable payment methods, such as PaySafe Card, PagoEffectivo,OXXO etc., are not refundable to the original payment method. You can choose to be refunded with a voucher redeemable on the Ubisoft Store, or with Ubisoft Wallet funds when/if the Ubisoft Wallet is available in your country.

For more information, please visit our dedicated article.

Purchases Made Outside Of Ubisoft Store

Ubisoft cannot provide refunds for purchases made outside of the Ubisoft Store. Ubisoft titles purchased through 3rd party retailers are subject to their respective store policies and will need to be refunded directly through them. Please contact your retailer to learn more about their refund and exchange policies.

Please note that refunds may not be available for games from which you have been banned or if you have otherwise violated any of Ubisoft’s terms (for example, our Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, or any Code of Conduct. In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if you appear to be abusing our refund policy. Refunds are not intended to be used to enable abuse of our systems or communities.