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Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass dlc

You need the Base Game to play this DLC.
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Immerse yourself in the next chapter of the Anno 1800™ Industrial Revolution with three new DLCs in the Season 3 Pass.


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Release date:
Feburary 9, 2021
Product Description The Anno1800 Season 3 Pass includes the following three DLCs: DOCKLANDS - Turn your city into a global trade hub with a modular warehouse system and use trade contracts to c
reate a monopoly on your favorite goods. TOURIST SEASON - Attract the new Tourist resident tier to your city’s hotels and keep them entertained with restaurants and bus tours of hotspots such as the new Tower monument. THE HIGH LIFE - Change your empire’s skyline forever with the construction of the first skyscrapers. Keep your high-flying investors happy with shopping malls and the construction of the game’s biggest monument, the Empire Building. BONUS CONTENT - In addition, you will receive three exclusive ornaments themed after the new content, available today.
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PC conditions:
You need a Ubisoft account and install the Ubisoft Connect application to play this content.
Anti-Cheat software:
BattlEye anti-cheat software automatically installed with this game, you will not be able to launch the game if you have uninstalled it.
Single player:
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