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Anno 1800 - Season 3 Pass dlc

Je hebt de Basegame nodig om deze DLC te spelen.
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Laat je meevoeren door het volgende hoofdstuk in de Industriële Revolutie in Anno 1800 met drie nieuwe DLC's in de Season 3 Pass.


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The Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass includes the following three DLC: DOCKLANDS Turn your city into a global trade hub with a modular warehouse system and use trade contracts to create a monopoly on your fa
vorite goods. TOURIST SEASON Attract the new Tourist resident tier to your city’s hotels and keep them entertained with restaurants and bus tours of touristic hotspots such as the new Tower monument. THE HIGH LIFE Change your empire’s skyline forever with the construction of the first skyscrapers and keep your high-flying investors happy with shopping malls and the construction of the game’s biggest monument, the Empire Building. BONUS CONTENT In addition, you will receive three exclusive ornaments themed after the new content, available today.
rating mature

English (Audio, Interface, Ondertiteling)

French (Audio, Interface, Ondertiteling)

Je hebt een Ubisoft account nodig en moet de Ubisoft Connect applicatie installeren om deze content te spelen.
Anti-Cheat software:
BattlEye anti-cheat software is automatisch geïnstalleerd met deze game, je zal de game niet kunnen starten als je deze hebt gedeïnstalleerd.
Single player:
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