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Anno 1800 Vibrant Cities Pack dlc

You need the Base Game to play this DLC.

Make your cities in Anno 1800 more vibrant with more than 70 new looks for your Old World residential buildings and marketplaces.


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The Vibrant Cities Pack gives you the tools to dramatically increase the visual diversity of some of the most common buildings in your Old World cities with purely cosmetic skins, including:  &b
ull; 3 new models for the marketplace to ensure it fits in well with any residential tier's neighbourhood. • 12 new skins each across Farmer, Worker, and Artisan residences to add variety to their looks. Including brick stone, colorful, and inverted themes.  • 18 new skins for Engineer residences, ranging from industrial brick stone vibes to high-flying casino visuals.  • 15 new skins for investor residences, from colorful to casino-inspired.   All skins are immediately unlocked and can be used at any time in the Old World.
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You need a Ubisoft account and install the Ubisoft Connect application to play this content.
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