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Riders Republic Skate Plus Pack dlc

With the Riders Republic™ Skate Plus Pack, it's time for you to show off your skateboarding skills. Take your riding experience up a notch by adding skateboards and a hoverboard to your game.*


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Product Description With the Skate Plus Pack, take your riding experience up a notch. Take the skateboard for a spin and get access to exclusive content. The Skate Plus Pack includes the Skate add-
on, the hoverboard, exclusive cosmetics, and the Ridge Ultimate Pack including eight events, dedicated outfits, and rewards.* Hop on your skateboard or hoverboard and try out tricks never seen before in the Republic! Embark on a whole new skate career and build your own legend across the Republic's skate parks. Shred Ridge Ultimate Pack events and grab exciting loot for yourself. Customize your character to show off your style, including a new set of outfits and boards to represent the culture. *Riders Republic™ is required to play this extension.
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rating mature
General information